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iOS / Android / Design
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Web Application / Responsive Design / Content Management
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Web Application / Responsive Design / UX
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Vivint Solar
Design / UX
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Power Play
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The Word
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Shop Stevie
Android / Responsive Design / iOS / UX / eCommerce

Shop Stevie

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Android / Responsive Design / iOS / UX / eCommerce
Since her inception, Shop Stevie has captured the women’s clothing world by storm by bringing together the world of online shopping and owning a successful personal business. They’ve built a proven method for stay-at-home women to make a solid income and sell a fantastic product. With a massive amount of growth and technology that didn't fit her business model, Sahara was asked to build a custom eCommerce platform, and Product Inventory Management (PIM) system that seamlessly integrate with her new website and mobile apps.
Custom Built PIM System
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iOS & Android Mobile Apps
Fresh Blog
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