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Everyone—and everything—has a story. LivingTags is the most immersive Family History experience you will ever have. Keep memories alive with an everlasting digital profile, and share that inspiration with your family, friends, and the world. Print a unique QR code on a 2x2 inch metal tag and apply it to a headstone for passers to scan. Once scanned, users are pointed to the digital profile of the individual to learn about their life history, accomplishments, family, and more. Sahara teamed up with LivingTags in late 2016 and has built their full website, iOS/Android apps, and handled the mesh point with LivingTags physical tag printing provider. This robust platform required a simple UI to enable users young and old to enjoy the LivingTags experience.
Combining physical and digital
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Bring a loved one’s story to life by designing a digital memorial. Celebrate everything from major milestones to the little moments.  Simply upload photos, videos, documents, and text to one dynamic profile, and start telling their story.  Upon ordering, you will receive a unique everlasting metal LivingTag and installation kit.  Share their legacy and inspirational stories to family, friends and the world through any social media platform.